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Two-Piece Pan

The latest design of our popular 2-piece pan is actually 3 pieces! It comes with our exclusive rear “anti-climb” baffle which prevents oil from climbing up the rear of the pan on acceleration.

It also protects the pick-up area by keeping excessive windage from blowing the oil away from the pick-up itself; thereby providing exceptional oil control at higher RPM’s and with larger stroked motors.

The baffle (which can be seen in the photo on the left) sits tightly around the pump and slightly above the larger windage tray. It sits into a machined-slot between the two 1/2” billet rails: it’s an innovative cure for a common oil control issue.

Our rear “anti-climb” baffle and captive O-rings are standard in this pan but can be added to any of our other pan designs. It works even better when combined with a Titan Oil pump. Ask us about discounts when a pan and pump is purchased together!

The stepped version of this pan, pictured here, provides maximum oil control under heavy braking. It features a shelf baffle under one of two traditional trap door baffles.

Oil control is accomplished in two ways:

  1. The vertical wall created by the step prevents oil from running to the front of the pan. The shelf baffle hinders the oil from climbing up and over the vertical step by forming a horizontal barrier—which actually throws the oil back to the pick-up. **The diagram above demonstrates this effective oil control design as well as providing dimensions for the pan itself.
  2. Our lines of two-piece pans, for both wet-sump and dry-sump systems, are designed to make engine management and maintenance easier for racers who regularly check the condition of the bearings and crankshaft.

Whether you’re building a low maintenance bracket motor or a mountain motor for pro mod, this two-piece pan will button-up your high-performance machine.